Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2nd to last weekend in Athens (!?)

I only have three weeks left abroad. I can't believe it, completely surreal. This past weekend, however, I got to spend further exploring my new home.

Last Thursday my roommates and I went to see New Moon, and I took along the 13 year old girl I tutor (Celia). It was soooo much fun. Besides the fact that I loved the movie (yes, it is beyond cheesy and ridiculous but therefore I love it even more), and I can't wait to see it again. I learned that the subtitles in Greek were very basi
c translations because even I could understand a fair amount of it. Secondly, women around the world all have the same idea of "what is an attractive guy." I can't begin to tell you how many gasps occurred and excited giggles when the male leads appeared on scre
en (Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner for those of you concerned). The theater was sold out, also proving Twilight's domination of the world at this point. Overall, was a really fun, great night (and can't wait to see the movie again).

Friday: This past weekend was my second time of hosting guests. I was extremely excited to host three Dukies: Meredith, Austin and Kathryn. Meredith arrived around 3:30 and Austin and Kathryn arrived around 10pm. Before the other two arrived, I took Meredith around Kolonaki, Syntagma, Plaka, and Pangrati. Sadly, Meredith had to leave Sunday (not Monday like Kathryn and Austin), so we had to cram a lot in in a short period of time. After dominating greater Athens, we relaxed with a glass of wine while waiting for their metro to arrive. At about 10 we were all together! We decided to have a relaxing night, because we had to basically cram all of sightseeing into one day. For dinner I took all three to Maria's (the best gyro place in Kolonaki), and treated them to some baklava for desert.
Saturday: I must admit, I am extremely impressed with how much we were able to cram into one day. We got up around 9
ish, and started our day. We saw/went to: The Archaeological Museum, the Theater of Dionysus, the Acropolis, the New Acropolis Museum, Hadrian's Arch, Temple of Zeus, Kalimarmaro Stadium, Parliament, and the Benaki Museum. Yes, pretty impressive. We then went back to my apartment to relax and take naps since we were exhausted. For dinner we went to Kolonaki square and ate at Kolonaki Tops. We then went back to the apartment to relax some more, before going out with my apartment and some of Kara's Greek friends. Emily's boyfriend was also visiting (he is here for the week), so it was wonderful to finally meet him too. Kara's friends had decided to take us to a club that was hosting a live Greek band. I must say this was nothing like what we had done before. How often do you see a live Greek band, in Athens, play a cover of "Wonderwall?". Not very
often. It was a ton of fun, however, I almost felt like I was back in the States for a bit. M
eredith, Austin, and Kathryn appeared to have fun and that is what mattered. Overall, a very fun/unique night.

Sunday: Since we didn't get back and asleep until 4ish, we decided to sleep in until about 11. Unfortunately, Meredith had to catch a flight, so we only had time to grab some gyros and picnic in the park my the metro. After saying a sad goodbye to Meredith, the rest of us hoped on the Metro to Monistraki. I took them to the Agora and the flea market. Sadly, the metro to Pireaus (the port) was under construction, so I could not take them to see the water. We then walked through Syntagma and watched a changing of the guard. Our last st
op was the National Gardens, something in which I had yet to completely explore. The highlight of the gardens was the tiny zoo inside that had donkey, chickens, rabbits, and other sorts of birds (mostly because of how random it is the have a tiny zoo in the gardens). After another full day, we went back to Kolonaki to have dinner at my favorite Italian restauarnt. I got sea urchin pasta, it was amazing. We then all went back to relax at my apartment after another full day.

Monday: Sadly Kathryn and Austin had leave (and furthermore, sadly, I heard their plane was delayed three hours). Overall, a great weekend with wonderful friends.

This week I leave for Cairo on Thursday!!!!! (for our "Thanksgiving" break). I will be there until Monday afternoon.

Look forward to hearing what everyone has been up to! keep the comments coming.

Love always,

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  1. Saw twilight in london. amazing. the whole theater erupted in laughter when taylor took off his shirt and revealed the reason they didn't recast him: "bella! your head is bleeding!"