Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goodbye To Athens

Today is my last day in Athens. I have my last final in one hour, a farewell dinner this evening, and then soaking up the last hours of Athens with my roommates before catching a cab at 5am Wednesday (tomorrow) morning. I land in Washington, DC at 3pm tomorrow. I am beyond excited to be back in the States with friends and family. I have missed everyone so much. But leaving Athens is also incredibly sad. I have had the most incredible semester, and have learned so much about many wonderful places around the world and about myself along the way. Athens has been a wonderful home for the past 4 months and I will miss Greece/Athens so incredible much. It is such a wonderful country.

Things I will miss (the highlights, since three is a lot to no particular order):

-my incredible roommates
-waking up to the noise of the gypsies selling things outside
-using the Acropolis as a direction marker when walking around the city
-lunches at my school
-Greek food
-Celia, the little girl I tutor
-pitchers of wine at tavernas/tavernas in general
-the relaxed Greek culture (aka people work when they want to)
-lemon fanta
-the beautiful Greek towns around the country
-how when a big soccer game is on in European cities/town everyone gathers in cafes/bars to watch them
-blocks of feta
-the incredible farmer's market
-Greek people, they are the nicest people
-learning a language that nobody around the world speaks (officially)
-Greece/ Athens as whole, and every god/bad thing about it

All the places I went this semester....
Athens, Greece
Santorini, Greece
Istanbul, Turkey
Crete, Greece
The Peloponnese, Greece
Paris, France
Barcelona, Spain
Shanghai, China
Cairo, Egypt
London, England

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