Friday, September 4, 2009

farmers market & trying, desperately to learn Greek

First of all, this photo (on the right) is from the top of the hill we climbed to look at the acropolis by night (that is the Acropolis in all the beauty). The one to the left is the view of the Acropolis from our classrooms. This morning since I didn't have class until late afternoon, I went with one of my roommates Laura (who goes to Tulane) to the farmer's market which is only TWO blocks down from our apartment. It was incredible. I have never seen anything like it before. There was a guy who sold only olives, a guy that only sold eggs, there was squid, octopus, huge whole fish, a million different types of fruit, etc. (will post photos of it soon). The people who work the market either speak very good english or none at all, so that was a good learning experience. I am learning quickly on how to get some super juicy figs without speaking. Plus, we got some free samples which was super wonderful.
So far today I have also learned that my Greek class will most likely be the only thing that gives me any academic trouble (and I meant that). The teacher somehow things that she can teach us Greek by only speaking Greek..hmmmm. Figure that one out. However, I did just watch the latest true blood online (with greek subtitles), so at least I'll know how to say vampire in Greek. I have just one more class left today before the weekend (Understanding Europe, a political science class which I haven't had yet). Tonight exploring the city some more (and eating some of my produce from the market). Tomorrow we have our first day trip to the coast, Sounion/Braunion (the beach!)

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