Friday, September 4, 2009

new number

Just so you know, I have a new number to be reached here in Greece. Call
+1 7572634191. Calling me is free for you, however it costs me about .39 cents a minute, but nonetheless want to hear from you (in short bursts via phone) :)
skype name is: erin.malone.smolla

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  1. Dear Erin, I had to always travel on your stomach! I think you had more about figs in your blog than the Acropolis. I can't wait to visit and checked out your neighborhood in my travel book, which says it is the most "chic and sophisticated" area of Athens with designer shops and restaurants(there goes my money...). Bruce Hornsby's new albrum Levitate comes out next week, and a bunch of the songs are from the Broadway musical sckbstrd(mmmm...)a la Spring Awakening and Duncan Sheik. he is on Jay Leno on 9/17 playing with Eric Clapton if you can see it there. I miss you even more on Sundays for True Blood and Mad Men...maybe Erin Mee will come over. love, mommy