Monday, August 31, 2009


7:47 am Copenhagen time/1:47 am East Coast time:

Greeting from Denmark! As I write this I am in the Copenhagen airport, the land of tall blonde attractive people. For those who watch TrueBlood, I have learned the true origins of Eric.

Anywho, my first flight (the one from Dulles to Copenhagen) went as follows. I was not a fan of the plane’s design. The plane was obviously a good size, therefore it had a carry on storage thingy above the center row (just not on the sides like smaller planes), however this center thing was “barely” connected to the ceiling, so everyone there was the slightest bump it would shake like hell and make you feel like it would fall at any moment (plus it was terribly loud), which was scary for people like me sitting below it. I did have some entertainment from the woman a seat away from me. Lets just say she like the Pink Panther two movie a little too much, which resulted in her so loud and so frequently that three people (who also spoke three different languages) came up to her to tell her to be quiet. Besides that, I sadly got at most forty minutes of sleep, and the other time was spent either watching Watchmen or watching Harry Potter 2 twice.

The Copenhagen airport looks exactly like I thought an airport in Denmark would look like. It is very clean and every four feet there is a vodka bar. My only criticism is that they took my bottle water away, even though it was from past US security. I think it was shocking, because when was the last time the Danish government/Denmark made you angry? Probably never, that’s what I thought.

While walking to connection I met a really nice girl from Emory who is studying abroad in Milan. She had never been to Europe before and was overwhelmed with taking everything in, which in return got me even more excited in my sleep deprived state.

Now I am currently sitting at my gate, which leaves in less than two hours for Athens! However, the gate is super trendy with cute little bubble seats which makes a quick sprawled out nap impossible. Athens in less than five hours!

***I am now in Athens. It is basically like freshmen orientation all over again, but in a faraway land....will update asap on arrival once things become less hectic :)


  1. Hey Erin, jet set(international equivalent of helicopter)mommy here.I can now tell you that I didn't leave the airport after you went through security until your plane left. Small world--I went to have a late lunch at a Dulles airport, and was there when you called me with currency questions. The guy at the table next to me started talking to me about Athens...turns out he is the bartender at the Four Seasons hotel in Palo Alto! He emailed me and said for all of your Palo Alto friends to come see him. his name is Sean....Missed you so much Sunday night watching True Blood and Mad Men without you. Love, mom

  2. ERIN!!!!!

    I miss you soo much already! Sounds like your flight had its ups and downs (pun intented). Email me when you can so that we can chat about life and Greece and school and everything! Can't wait to hear from ya,


  3. stewart!!! I will let you know when we can skype it up ;)