Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So far I have figured out which warm/fall clothes to bring. To me this is a success. Next step is to figure out what winter clothes to bring, which are still packed because I have yet to unpack my winter clothes from college, great move on my part as it turns out. The other night Anthony Bourdain did a show on Greece (love that show). He spent half the show in Crete, which is exciting because the program I'm going to (College Year in Athens/CYA) takes us to Crete for almost a week later on in the semester. It got me super excited for the amazing seafood. Got even more excited for the sea urchin, apparently it is amazing there. love good uni :)
New goal: Join a local gym in Athens--I believe this will be an experience in itself. Never been to a European gym.

Some of you might now, but I will have a cell phone in Greece. To reach me call + 1 757-263-4054. The call is free to the caller, but it charges me about .30 cents a minute. Therefore, puhlease download skype and use it to the fullest. My skype name is erin.malone.smolla--pretty easy to remember. Or IM me at Sportfire3.

Also, if anyone out there has recommendations on places to visit/see, let me know :)

countdown to Greece: 4 days

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