Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm not quite sure you can really prepare for studying/living three months abroad. Sure you can pack correctly, but I honestly think that is overrated. It is Monday night (I leave Sunday morning) and have yet to do any packing, or anything in preparation for my departure. However, I have made some goals for the upcoming semester:
1. Since the program I am going to does not include dinner, my goal is to become a "mini-master" of Greek cooking. I will hopefully be able to make numerous dishes upon my return. I hope to recreate my dishes for loved ones when I get back (and hopefully they will enjoy it).
2. Learn the language. I am taking Greek 101, and I hope by the end of the semester I can go to a local market for that night's dinner and be able to have all my conversations in Greek.
3. Travel, travel, travel. I very much hope I make it to Santorini and Mykonos early on since the islands apparently "close down" when not in season. I also greatly hope I make it to Istanbul and Cairo during a longer break.

**will post more goals as they materialize

Random thoughts:
For those of you who don't know, I am the only Duke student going on my program and therefore I know nobody. I think this will only make my abroad experience even that more exciting.

I learned yesterday that the outskirts of Athens is on fire, however it has not reached the heart of Athens and it appears it is not going to.

I am going to blog my experience this semester to the best of my ability. In addition, I will share recipes I learn while abroad so maybe those at home will be inspired to also try some Greek cuisine.

More importantly, I have no true expectations for this semester. I am simply going in looking for nothing in particular but the experience itself.

Countdown till Greece: 6 days


  1. Are you doing the College Year in Athens program? I'm working on applying to that right now! If you are, tell me how you like it, because it's definitely something I'm considering doing. :]

    Best of luck! I hope you get to visit some beautiful islands!

  2. I'm the only one from my college, too (Grinnell College in Iowa)! I can't wait to meet everyone; I think it'll make the experience even better. See you on the 31st!

  3. Hi! I came across your blog on a search. I'm studying abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece. If you're ever in the city you should look me up. I'm leaving two weeks from tomorrow (sunday). I think we have a trip to Athens in October.
    Good luck to you!