Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today is very surreal. I knew I wanted to study abroad before I even applied to college. I was 80% sure I wanted to study abroad in Greece before going to Duke....and now tomorrow I am actually leaving to study abroad in Athens. I am beyond excited, a bit nervous, and in shock all at the same time. As of 3:22 pm on saturday, I am pleased to say I am 93% packed (probably laughing at the percentage I chose). Packing always goes well when you have Harry Potter (the only dvd that I am bringing with me by the way...) on in the background though. I am packed in two checked bags and one little carry on that I can use for traveling once there.
In addition, I have however said most of my goodbyes by this point, as many of you know I am terrible at goodbyes and they make me incredibly sad.
My flight tomorrow is out of Dulles at 5:15 to Copenhagen (which I'm actually sad I only get to see the airport, because I have wanted to visit Copenhagen for a long time, in addition to it being one of my favorite words to say). I arrive at 7:15 in Copenhagen and then catch a 9:15 flight to Athens, arriving in Athens at 1:30ish their time. So basically a quick whirlwind trip.

Fast forward a couple hours: The amazing Erin Mee came over and we "raged" over me going to Athens, which was wonderful. For the big last night in the U.S. (besides the rage with Erin), doing some last minute packing while watching Adventureland with mi madre.

Before I leave I want to wish everyone at Duke an amazing semester, and I want to wish everyone an amazing upcoming months while I'm gone. Whether you are in Blacksburg, Williamsburg, Durham, Richmond, Palo Alto/SF or studying abroad somewhere wonderful please keep me updated. I will always be wanting to hear from you.

love from one last night in the U.S.,

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